PHL Drug Dependent Surrenderees See Hope -Ed Versola


Over a million involved in illegal drugs have been recorded and they keep growing in numbers. This is not only a headache to the government since we really lack rehabilitation centers.

I have talked with some Filipinos thinking good for our countrymen much more of the surrenderees, They are willing to share their big lands and convert it into a rehab center cum livelihood for those who have surrendered.

I reported this offer to DILG Secretary MIKE SUENO and he was very happy about it. ALL our good people offering the same can present to Sec MIKE your proposals, clean proposals, so he can make funding available.

The group I talked with wants to offer their big land area to make it as a seedling area for reforesting our denuded forests. The surrenderees will grow seedlings, sell them or even themselves plant it. Time/Hour spent will be paid for while undergoing rehabilitation.

Great, isn’t it? Hence, I call on all LGUs who have big land areas to do the same. Present to DILG your programs for this purpose now. Help our national government. Our national leaders.


“Help our national government. Our national leaders.”


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